The Centre provides specialised training courses for all levels of practitioner from foundation doctors to consultants and senior surgeons. Our highly advanced facilities are suitable for learning and practising a comprehensive range of surgical procedures including keyhole, small organ or whole body surgery, as well as areas with a skills shortage such as trauma surgery.

“Ongoing professional training is vital for medical practitioners and teachers who need to keep up-to-date with rapidly developing technologies and new surgical techniques. This Centre is at the forefront of this type of training, boosting the skills of current surgeons and ensuring the quality of future generations.”

Raj Bhalla, Consultant ENT Surgeon
Clinical Director of the Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre

We offer both cadaveric dissection and the full spectrum of simulation training techniques, from virtual to immersive, with the added advantage of a direct link to a working operating theatre at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

As well as providing a range of short courses and bespoke training programmes for surgeons at all levels of training and seniority, we also offer full hire of our state-of-the-art facilities for teaching, skills practice or equipment demonstrations.

Located in the heart of Manchester’s ‘Biomedical Corridor’, the Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre is an ideal venue to learn, develop and practice new and existing surgical techniques in a safe and realistic environment.

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to develop a programme that delivers the specific training you need.

Raj Bhalla, Consultant ENT Surgeon